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As a Beach Kid, Chad Boulter Grew Up With the Surfing Culture


· Chad Boulter

Surf culture, with its own unique signposts of Woodie station wagons, surfboards and boardshorts, would have been Chad Boulter’s first identification with a sport family. A multibillion dollar industry through the marketing of surfing’s clothing and fashion branches, the sport is a strong economic generator for states and regions with propitious coastlines.Which is why the flat days-days when waves are flat and there is no surfing-became so frustrating for kids like Chad Boulter, they turned to sidewalk surfing, or skateboarding.Sidewalk surfing is an alternative to surfing which needs only a board with wheels and a paved surface.Some sidewalk surfers like to recreate the feel of waves by skateboarding in empty backyard swimming pools.

As a native of Jupiter, Florida, Chad Boulter joined his childhood friends in learning how to skateboard.His professional status began at the age of 18, after having won innumerable competitions.

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